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Professional Organizing Rates

Knowing how much your professional organizing rates will cost brings you peace of mind and allows you to plan a budget for your organizing project.

Working with an experienced and trained professional organizer makes all the difference!

I’m a member of NAPO and subscriber of the Institute for Challenging Disorganization abiding by their code of ethics. I’m also a NAPO instructor for new professional organizers.

My organizing experience allows me to know what works and what doesn’t and that alone saves you a lot of time and money.

I have successfully completed trainings and certificate programs through my professional associations, and am a calm, caring and compassionate person.

It is my goal to serve you and help you get organized.

Organizing homes and offices in Scripps Ranch, Poway, Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Encinitas, CA. Call 858.860.5086 

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It’s good to know:

  • Unless a special need or medical condition leads me to suggest shorter sessions, I work with clients on sessions of 3 hours or more.
  • For all package rates payment is due 48 hours before we start working.
  • Each block of time is valid for 3 months and is non-refundable.
  • Hours are non-transferable to 3rd parties.
  • These packages have been created from my experience in working with clients. My goal is to give you options and the bigger the job the more economical they become.


4 hours – full rate of $90/hour = $360.00

8 hours – enjoy 5% discount

16 hours – enjoy 10% discount

24 hours – enjoy 15% discount

How Can I Estimate the Hours Needed For My Organizing Project?

The number of hours we will work together is based on your needs, how cluttered the space is, as well as your emotional readiness and ability to make decisions.

Some clients can quickly decide to let go of an item while others need a little more time to be ready to take that step.

It is my job to respect your pace, your wishes and offer you a structured system to guide our work and help you get things done.

While I can’t estimate the exact number of hours for your organizing project, I can give you some examples based on my experience:

  • Organize a hallway closet, bathroom, pantry or small condo kitchen in about 4 hours
  • Organize a playroom in about 8 hours
  • Organize a large closet between 8 and 12 hours
  • Organize a very cluttered garage between 24 and 30 hours

How Does Professional Organizing Work?

We will schedule a one hour assessment with a walk-through of your home where I’ll be able to understand your space, assess the clutter and ask you questions to familiarize myself with your life-style, personal preferences, likes and dislikes, etc. The assessment is a paid consultation.

When we conclude the assessment, I’ll give you my best estimate of hours needed for your project. If we believe we’re a good match and if you are satisfied with my answers, we’ll sign a Client Agreement, you’ll issue a payment of the hours needed for your project (please inquire about package rates), define the space we’ll start organizing and schedule our organizing sessions.

On the scheduled date we will start the organizing process.

Is there anything else included in your organizing rates?


  • Email communication in between sessions to answer your questions.
  • Drop off of your donations to Goodwill (1 car load per visit, accepted items only). I’ll bring you a receipt of each drop off.
  • Recycling of electronics, a receipt will be provided.
  • Travel of up to 60 minutes round-trip.

What is NOT included in your organizing rates?

  • Cleaning of the space we will organize.
  • If you need to discard/recycle special items such as paint, hazardous materials, I charge for the extra trip or to be present at pick-up.
  • If you need to purchase any organizing tool, such as boxes or a file cabinet: Purchases are charged 1 hour per trip/store at your hourly rate, so I plan them to be made all in one day, if all possible, to save you money.
  • If you need services, such as repairs, painting, installation of furniture, shelves etc. I’ll give you referrals, however contracts and payments are made between you and that service provider. I don’t mark up.
  • If installation of closet or storage systems, cabinetry or any equipment is required, I’ll be present at installation time and that time is charged at your hourly rate. In my experience this is necessary as more often than not questions and problems arise and my presence allows for immediate solution of the problem.

What else should I know about your organizing services?

  • All information is private and I received permission from my clients to share the images of the spaces seen in this site.
  • I don’t sub-contract other organizers, when you hire my company I’m the one showing up at your door and working directly with you. For very large projects, if help is needed, we will discuss it and plan to bring a colleague to the project.
  • If you want to bring helpers to work with us on your project we will discuss their tasks ahead of time to optimize our time together and avoid confusion.
  • I only take a few clients at a time which allows me to dedicate myself to each client and project; to prevent burn out and to be able to successfully complete each project.
  • For all package rates payment is due before we start working.
  • Each block of time is valid fora pre-determined time window (specified when you make the payment) and is non-refundable.
  • Hours are non-transferable to 3rd parties.

What is your cancellation policy?

When we schedule an appointment I block that time for you. Cancellations made within 48 hours are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the hours scheduled.

Repeat cancellations and no-shows will incur in 100% of the hours scheduled.

Once we finish organizing what can I do to stay organized?

Once we finish organizing your home you can benefit from a maintenance package, at lower rates, only available for clients that have worked with me.

– Six (6) months of organizing with Helena in 6 x 3 hours sessions to keep in place all the organizing systems we implemented in your home.
– 18 hrs of hands-on organizing to be used in monthly or by-monthly sessions of 3 hours.
– Donation drop offs, recycling and purchases as described above.

Contact me for more information at 858.860.5086 or via email: helena@apersonalorganizer.com


Because life can be simpler.

Organizing homes and offices in Scripps Ranch, Poway, Carmel Valley, Rancho Santa Fe,  Del Mar, La Jolla, Solana Beach, Encinitas,  CA. Call 858.860.5086 

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I look forward to talking with you!

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It is my goal to work with you and get your space and your time organized for a more productive life.

Thank you for your interest on our professional organizing rates.