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You didn’t even notice the papers that began to take over places they didn’t belong.

Along with books, outdated or broken equipment, clothing, or any number of “things” that start filling up the space in your home or office.

Or maybe you did notice…but chose to ignore it.

And the rationalizing began…”I’m too busy to get organized” … “it’s not that bad”…”I know where everything is”.

But as much as you deny it, you also choose to ignore the drain on your energy and spirit as the weight of clutter grows and you dread facing the clutter monster.

You’re not alone in the battle.

Helena, a San Diego Professional Organizer with coaching skills, has helped countless clients overcome the inertia caused by disorganization.

She’s a home organizing expert, being the patient, knowledgeable and encouraging resource you need.

Non-judgmental and compassionate, Helena has-from both personal and professional experience- developed organizing strategies that provide a clear and concise process to begin the project. And once started, her ongoing support and direction keep you on track until you’ve reached your organizing goals.

Change comes when you welcome it.

Whether it’s a life transition, as a divorce, blended families, relocation or aging parents, chronic disorganization or ADD, how your space looks is as important as how you feel. They’re interrelated. If your life has become emotionally messy, and your environment is reflecting that, contact Helena. Everything will be alright.

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