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Paper Organizing Tools

The simpler, the better!

Instead of trying to create elaborate systems for your paper organizing, try using something this simple: labeled clothespin that you can pile in a tray with all your “to dos” lined up.

If you have no system in place this can be a great starting point to get you used to bring the mail to your tray, open it and sort it right away.


paper organizing paper managent systems

The simpler the better!


The best way to keep papers under control is to have a place to bring them in from the mailbox, open and decide right and then what needs to get done with each of them. If you don’t have a paper organizing system in place and the time to do it daily, set about an hour a week to go through everything on the weekend. With these simple labeled clothespins you’ll be able to sort and tackle what needs to be taken care of.

PS: I’d skip the Past Due one! :-)


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