What’s Helena up to – November 04,2012

Getting a Routine – Don’t break the chain!

New Routine – The Seinfeld Show was one of my favorite shows to watch with my husband when I moved to the US. Seinfeld says once you pick a goal you shouldn’t “break the chain” referring to consecutive days when you successfully reached that goal, and last  week was one of getting a routine and things back in place with the boys’daily schedule.

As hard to believe as it can be keeping the boys’ Feng Shui and evening routines in place is one of my biggest challenges as a mom. I guess it has to do with numbers: they are 3 and I am one! Kidding aside somehow something happens and next thing I know it’s 7PM and we’re still talking about homework, shower time and what’s coming up next. So, this week I made the decision to not let it slip through the cracks and I set myself to keep things going as they should – get them from school, snack, homework, playtime, dinner, bed routine. No arguments, no negotiations, just do it. Of course the boys weren’t happy about it as they are used to daily “negotiations” on whether this or that can be done later, but taking my “challenge” one day at a time did help me land on Friday night with a “unbroken” chain!


Fisher Kids Review Helena Alkhas

We are successfully using Fisher Kids Responsibility Chart for chores!


Just like I decided to go for my 2 times a day 15″ walk and stop working to have lunch daily, I decided to simply stick to my routine daily and not accept variations, crying, arguing, whining of any sort. Easy? No. I hate whining! But, once things started to stick the kids felt there’s just no wiggle room and got it done. By Thursday one of the twins said to his younger brother: “dude, just do it. She won’t change her mind!” That was a minute when I felt victory was closer!


Halloween – we had a super fun Halloween and the boys had a blast. A friend invited me to walk with them and their children and we enjoyed watching them run from home to home collecting their goodies. As Addie still can’t walk well he sat by the door, with a perfect zombie make up on and passed candy to the trick-or-treaters. My friend kindly brought a bottle of wine and disposable cups which made the walk all more pleasant and next thing I knew we were back home to count the treats!


  Helena Alkhas A Personal Organizer San Diego


A good friend is in town – Katie Mazzocco and I joined Feng Shui and took the class “How to Become a Professional Organizer – 101” with Professional Organizer Feng Shui at the same time. We also joined NAPO WDC Chapter on the same month and we soon connected and became good friends and started exchanging ideas, sharing rooms at NAPO conferences and helping each other with our businesses. Katie was one of the good friendships I left behind when I moved from MD to DC, so imagine my happiness when I checked my phone and saw a message that said: I am in San Diego! She was in LV for the weekend and ended up here after all flights were cancelled due to Sandy. We had a great time together on Friday and I was so happy to have my good friend and colleague close again. I really miss my great DC Chapter organizers! Here is a photo of Julie, myself and Feng Shui last March.


Helena Alkhas NAPO Professional Organizer

Julie Gray – Helena Alkhas – Katie Mazzocco


Thanksgiving is coming up and we’ll be hosting my husband’s family – a total of 15 adults and 5 kids! I will start preparing for my guests, for the shopping and getting the house cleaned and organized to have everyone in town. Addie is researching recipes and I’ll enjoy watching him prepare everything!


Helena A Personal Organizer Helena Alkhas

Cooking for the family will be fun!


The upcoming week will be lots of fun. First I’m starting a small renovation to include a door between the master bedroom and bath. According to Feng Shui not having that separation can have very negative impact on the family and the couple’s relationship, so a door is coming up (plus, who makes a bathroom without doors anyway!?). Second, I have not one, but two field trips with the boys this week and is always a fun time to spend with them and finally, I will be back working with my adorable clients after a much needed pause.


How is your daily routine going? Could it be improved by enforcing it with a loving approach of “one-day-at-a-time” mindset?

Please share with me what would you try to change in your routine that would make your life easier!

Wishing you a wonderful week!



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    • says

      Dear Geralin.

      You have been a wonderful mentor and I am so grateful for all your teaching and generous sharing of your wisdom and professional experience. Katie and I connected via the chat box (so appropriate for these 2 chatty walking boxes!) and have been sharing great personal and professional time together. Thank you for all your dedication to make our profession grow!

  1. Leslie Josel says

    You have inspired me. I am trying to fit in some personal goals this month while I begin working on my book. It is too easy for me to get caught up at the desk and with clients. I am inspired to set the small and obtainable goal to walk 15 minutes twice a day. Love it. Small steps = big rewards.

    • says

      Dear Leslie. Thank you for your comment and for sharing how you are also trying to fit “me” time in your schedule. Women are so busy and we often place ourselves on the bottom of the “to do” list. As Cam said in his comment below, we need to put the oxygen mask on ourselves first. Why don’t we start tweeting our daily (brief!) walks with each other? I’ll love to be walking buddies with you! Have a wonderful day!

  2. says

    You’ve got a lot going on, Helena between routines, holidays, personal goals, and renovations. Life can sure be hectic and busy. I love how you’ve carved out some time for just you to stop for lunch and a daily walk. With so many responsibilities and demands on your time, taking care of you is essential. Inspiring to hear how you’re negotiating all the hats.

    • says

      Dear Linda.

      Thank you and yes, there’s always a lot going on. I am learning to keep my pace, create space for pause, reading, resting, walking and it is paying off. I’m feeling stronger and centered again. You are so right: taking care of myself is being essential to be able to do everything in the most joyful way. Have a wonderful week!

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