What’s Helena up to? October 27, 2012


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Creating a Life that Works for You


I hope you are having a beautiful weekend and that you’re enjoying the preparations for a fun treat-or-trick. If you are anything like me, you wait until the very last minute possible to have your home taken over by pumpkins, scary faces and sticky spiders. I have three boys and of course they LOVE Halloween time, so I try to find a happy middle for all of us.

As I’m the one in charge of decorating the house, buying the candy and Addie is the one who carves the pumpkins with the boys. We enjoy having the time to spend with the kids creating daily memories and if feels good not to be overwhelmed and be able to be present.


diy personal organizer Helena Alkhas Professional Organizer San Diego

Being available for what matters most, creating a life that works for you.


And as I mention “overwhelm” and “being present”…

Going back to summer time, what some of you may know is that my husband had a knee surgery and that one of our boys got sick. It was a tough time for me to go through seeing Addie recovering and to see our son in pain, going through so many tests and medical appointments. I got scared, very overwhelmed and I decided to push the pause button and review my schedule, my routines and most importantly my priorities. I also felt quite overwhelmed having to do so much alone since Addie is my right arm and great helper around the house.

One of the biggest steps in being organized – and that’s a pillar on my work with my clients – is to be clear on what is important to us, to know where our hearts live and how we want our lives to be. And with that in mind, we set forth to establish what needs to get done first to accomplish that goal. Knowing my priorities helped me create a new place to be and to create a life that works for me at this time in my life.

So, if you too are feeling overwhelmed and looking for a way to change the pace in your life and create more meaningful times with yourself and your loved ones, what can you do?

  1. Accept what is – I believe this is the most challenging part of any change in our lives because as long as we don’t deeply accept “what is”, as long as we don’t surrender to what is in front of us in bold colors, we will resist and honestly, I believe that in life resistance is futile. I believe that until we give up resistance no change can happen because the focus of our attention isn’t on what can be done, but on what is “wrong”.
  2. Review what is in place – Identify what is working first because as we say, “if ain’t broken, don’t fix it”! One of my first organizing readings was Julie Morgenstern’s “Organizing from the Inside Out” and that’s an advice she gives for organizing that I apply in my projects but that I also started paying attention when it comes to my daily life. I focus first on what is good and then I look for what’s not working to see how I can change it. For example, I was scheduling clients 4-5 days a week and that wasn’t working anymore for me and my family, so now I have a new scheduling routine and I created ways of working from home as a virtual assistant. Another example, instead of having the house chores fit in my daily schedule I now have one full day just dedicated to the house and with that out-of-the-way I can fully focus on my family, my work and my learning activities.
  3. Commit to change – One of my biggest personal challenges is to incorporate time for myself in my daily routine and as we all know exercising, eating well and having time for spiritual activities not only makes us healthier, but also happier. And I want that! :-) So, I committed to stop for lunch daily, to go twice for a 15 minute walk and to go back to my spiritual readings instead of … (you name it!). In less than 2 weeks I felt better, my sleep was sounder and I find myself calmer and yes, happier!
  4. We are never done – I believe one of our biggest fears is that our decisions are final, almost like a sentence. But you and I know that they aren’t, that life goes on and that we’re free to review and re-start. I am deeply blessed (lucky or whatever you want to call it) to have an amazing family and strong friendships that are supportive and generous with their time and hearts, and in this moment of change they were the ones who reminded me that “Helena, you too can stop”. And, it’s so true if we just allow ourselves to do it, because we are never done.

My biggest take away is that when I listen to my heart and am clear on what matters most, all falls into place – the right place!

I hope you use this wonderful time of the year to see what’s working for you and what’s not, to be generous with yourself and make the changes you think will bring back your joy, your time to rest, your time to connect with your loved ones and with yourself.

I look forward to hear from you and to learn how you are making the changes you want in your life!

Have a fabulous week.

Much joy,