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Daily Routine Printable

I just came back from a week off and it was a ma zing to be away from the city, in the woods, enjoying great friends, our kids and my hubby!

We had a beautiful time and I made use of the silence and the energy of nature around me to review all that is going on and to reconnect with my goals and purpose.

In my walks I kept meditating on this question: why do I do what I am doing?

I believe when you have the answer to this question everything else falls into place.

You feel empowered.

You move forward, full of energy and motivated to jump out of bed in the morning, because awesomeness awaits!

When you live with intent everything you do matters: from serving breakfast to the children to helping a client overcome a struggle, everything has meaning.

And they all make your life more meaningful and rewarding.

“Walking on it” helped me be even more clear about my goals, about my purpose and what I want to do to arrive to my destination. And having a structure in place is a big part of getting there.

So, this week I want to help you keep your “big picture” in mind while also getting down to the nitty-gritty of life.

Use this daily routine printable to help you re-connect while keeping life going, the house cleaned and organized, so you can just go out and “conquer the world”. Or just like me, be plain happy-silly. :)

daily routine printable

Here is how you can use this chart:

Do you have a goal you want to achieve?  Do you have a vision of how you’d like your life to be?

Are your days just going by or are you living with purpose?

Give yourself some time to think how you’d like your daily life to go about in order to support your goals.

For example, I have the goal of being spiritually, emotionally and physically healthy; of enjoying life and being present for my family and friends, of working from home doing what I love, serving amazing people and continuously learning.

So, my ideal day goes like this: I wake up (happy!), have a cup of coffee while I read my favorite blogs and clean my mailbox – no email reading now. When the boys wake up we have breakfast together and get ready for school/the day. I make the beds, clean up the kitchen and get all organized.

When I get back from drop-off I check the calendar and see if there’s any personal/family issue pending, like an appointment that needs to get done. Once I take care of that, I start working for my business or for clients and I feel very productive. I have a daily list of what needs to get done in order of priorities, from most urgent or profitable to least. I work for 3 hours on them and then I check my emails.

I break for lunch and a walk and get back to work until it’s time to get the boys. Once they’re home it’s snack/homework/play time. I still get back to work for another hour.

I end the workday reviewing what got done, what’s pending and inserting what’s new in my calendar. Around 6PM I cook dinner and we sit to eat and jump into bedtime routine. I close the office, pick up any clutter that’s lingering around the house and enjoy the evening.

daily routine printable


How is your day going about now? What do you need to do/change to make it work for you to achieve your goals?

I hope this simple tool helps you create a life you love! Download it and save on your computer to print as many as you’d like.

What are your dreams? Where are you going in life? What systems do you have in place to free you to go pursue them?

I will love to read your comments!

Access your PDF file here.




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