17 Ways to Spring Clean Your Home With Feng Shui

feng shui spring cleaning

Feng Shui Spring Cleaning – A Spa Day For Your Home As you look around your home and workplace, does the energy feel a little tired, drab, same-same, blah or sedate? If so, then give your precious environments some rejuvenation with some Feng Shui spring cleaning “spa treatments”!   Traditional Bedroom by Little Rock Interior Designers… 

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Celebrating Easter With Casa Haus


Easter Crafts & Celebration Hosting Rocío Jimenez, from Casa Haus Con las Pascuas a la vuelta de la esquina, esta semana de vacaciones es la perfecta oportunidad para dar rienda suelta a la creatividad haciendo huevos de Pascua. Son la manera más fácil de decorar tu casa para la temporada, y además aprovechas para pasar… 

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Basic Life Skills – Making Your Bed

Basic Life Skills

Making Your Bed Every Morning Recently I started talking about basic life skills and how knowing (and using) these skills impacts your ability to live an organized life. I decided to start from a very basic skill that makes all the difference in your daily life and on how you start your days: making your bed…. 

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What Are Your Picks For Your Home?

Helena Alkhas

Making Your House a Home & Interview I’ve been featured in the  Designer Insights series by Terry’s Blinds. It’s such a pleasure to be along with other professionals that dedicate themselves to the improvement of the daily lives of  clients through organization and interior design. I was asked to point to items that are on… 

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