The Ultimate DIY Bundle is Here!

The Ultimate DIY Bundle

Do you ever look at the bare wall in the den, that tired and sagging couch, or those tatty tablecloths, and feel absolutely overwhelmed by the thought of tackling any of them? Which one do you start with? And then once you’ve decided, how do you know which steps, … [Read more...]

15 Minutes to Peace and Tranquility in Your Bedroom

organizing the master bedroom

 Organizing The Master Bedroom Organizing the master bedroom is usually the lowest priority because it’s the least public room in your house. You may only use it for a few hours a day — and you’re sleeping for most of them — but nothing feels better than going to bed … [Read more...]

Home Office File Organization

Home document organizer

Home Document Organizer The only way to stay on top of household paperwork is to create a filing system for your home office. When a bank statement or bill is received, file it immediately — that way you’ll never have piles of paperwork develop on your kitchen counter … [Read more...]

Stylish Solutions For The Closetless Lady

closet organizing ideas

The No Closet Organizing Ideas Not all of us are gifted with a sprawling walk-in closet to store all our clothes, shoes, accessories and do some fun dressing up. If you find yourself looking for closet organizing ideas for the "no closet" problem in your home, you're … [Read more...]

Organizing Products Make Great Christmas Gifts

holiday gift ideas

Christmas Gift Ideas Galore! Shopping for all your Christmas Gifts can be overwhelming even if you have a gift list! We get to the store and see so many cute things that are NOT on our list and, next thing you know we went over budget, bought more than we needed and … [Read more...]