31 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips – Day 23

planning your meals

Planning Meals - Freeing Up Yourself It's easy to forget to plan the daily dinners in the rush of the season. Plan the menu for the months ahead and resort to batching, freezing and using the forever helpful slowcooker. With all the fuss and preparation … [Read more...]

31 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips – Day 22

sending christmas gifts

Organizing Yourself & Shipping Holiday Gifts Shipping holiday gifts can be a huge hassle and take out all the fun of your day. Need to send long-distance gifts? Don't let the lines at the Postal Office ruin your plans. Get your gifts ready and simply ship them … [Read more...]


gift wrapping station

Set Up a Gift Wrapping Station Set up a gift wrapping station and start wrapping your gifts. This can be a lot of fun! Keep it in a secret spot and do it before the kids are off from school for the seasonal break. Clear a space in your home and create a … [Read more...]