Stylish Solutions For The Closetless Lady

closet organizing ideas

The No Closet Organizing Ideas Not all of us are gifted with a sprawling walk-in closet to store all our clothes, shoes, accessories and do some fun dressing up. If you find yourself looking for closet organizing ideas for the "no closet" problem in your home, you're ...

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How to Prepare Your Home for Overnight Guests

Prep your home for guests

Enjoying Your Guests Overnight guests can be a source of great stress for most hosts. In fact, you may find yourself unable to enjoy spending time with your friends and family because you’re running around making sure everything’s going well. The key to enjoying ...

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Getting Ready to Bake?

baking station organizer

Baking Ingredients Organizer Baking is an activity family members can enjoy together. It can warm your kitchen and your soul as you bring back memories of past baking experiences with your parents and grandparents. But, what if your baking ingredients are scattered ...

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Show It Off!

china organizing

How to Organize Your China Cabinet Organizing your china cabinet can be fun and it doesn't have to be complicated. Let's take a look how I organized mine?   Keep What Love, Love What You Have If you have a china set you love to use on special occasions ...

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Organizing the Kitchen? Start here!

fridge organization

Fridge Organization You Can Do With the holidays fast approaching the kitchen will be one of the busiest areas in your home and investing a little time here and there to organize your kitchen will yield great results when you need to bake another batch of cookies or be ...

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Season to be Grateful

season to be grateful

Being Grateful & Saying Thanks And oddles of Downloads!  Fall is certainly my favorite time of the year. Be if for its crisp, cooler days covered by impeccably blue skies, for warmer drinks and comfort foods that slowly return to our tables, for the ...

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Small Spaces, aka Cozy!

small spaces organizing

How to Organize Small Living Rooms Not everyone has the sprawling ranch of their dreams, with a living room that goes on for miles. Most living rooms are cluttered and lived in. If you have a small living room, there are ways to make that small space work for you ...

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Organizing the Laundry, Making Life Simpler

organizing the laundry

How to Organize the Laundry Room in 5 Easy Steps If you’ve got kids—or maybe even if you don’t—you probably spend a lot of time in the laundry room, which is usually one of the smallest rooms in our homes. And, well maybe we won't ever make laundry an enjoyable chore, ...

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Organizing the Cords Under Your Desk!

cord organizer

Cord Organizer Ideas - The Tools & How-to We all love our electronics and our gadgets, but they come with a common annoyance: cords galore! To tame those little monsters, that get tangled to our feet and collect dust bunnies year round, here are some tricks to ...

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