Small Steps for Big Results

How to Find the Motivation to Organize

motivation to organize

National Institutes of Health researcher Daniel Hommer discovered a phenomenon called delayed discounting — the very thing that causes us to procrastinate. His research shows that the more time a task takes to complete, the less we value it. We much prefer to accomplish small, quick tasks than large, time-consuming projects.

What does this mean for your motivation to organize? If you have a big project to complete, like organizing your garage or creating a new filing system, you’re much more likely to get started on the project if you break it into more manageable tasks.

Want to stay motivated? Use these small steps to accomplish big results.

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6 Steps to an Organized Home

Don’t Let the Clutter Monster Get Cozy in Your Home


Clutter usually hides in “hot spots” around your home. Areas like kitchen drawers, hard-to-reach cabinets and bottom shelves in closets end up collection zones for miscellaneous items.

This mild chaos may seem innocuous but what starts as a small dust bunny can quickly overwhelm the space in your home. That’s when most clients call me. When clutter became so big that tackling the organizing of their homes seems like a mountain they just can’t cross.

It’s hard to find the motivation to organize when the mess is so big and that’s why regularly revisiting these “hot spots” will ensure you’re eliminating what you don’t use or need anymore and using all the space in your home effectively. After all, who wants unwanted old shoes taking up valuable space?

Here are 6 steps to make a plan and get organized.

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Grab a cup! Weekly reads & inspiration

Inspiration on Organizing & on Living a Better Life

organizing blogs Every week I read and go through so many of my colleagues and fellow bloggers’ posts. Some are new, some are old “reading friends” of my Saturday morning reading routine.

Life can get on the way of sharing their wisdom, insights and tips, and I decided to start listing them here for you. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Grab your favorite drink and enjoy!

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