Beyond Your Home: Tips for Decluttering Your Life


Has clutter creeped into every corner of your life? Do you feel overwhelmed? Read how you can regain control and eliminate clutter from your life.

Basic Life Skills

Basic Life Skills – Making Your Bed

Making Your Bed Every Morning Recently I started talking about basic life skills and how knowing (and using) these skills impacts your ability to live an organized life. I decided to start from a very basic skill that makes all the difference in your daily life and on how you start your days: making your bed…. 

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Helena Alkhas

What Are Your Picks For Your Home?

Making Your House a Home & Interview I’ve been featured in the  Designer Insights series by Terry’s Blinds. It’s such a pleasure to be along with other professionals that dedicate themselves to the improvement of the daily lives of  clients through organization and interior design. I was asked to point to items that are on… 

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downsizing small spaces

Being Happier in a Smaller Space

Downsizing: Small Space Living   The old adage that less is more certainly applies to downsizing your home. If you are in a situation where your children are all out of the nest and a big empty house no longer suits you, then downsizing may be the answer.   The Upside of Downsizing to a… 

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Can You Tell Spring is Here?

Spring Outfits, Trends & More   Spring is definitely here and this year’s trends and colors won’t let you forget it! From spring outfits in your closet and the tableware in your kitchen, before you realize it you’ll feel like you’re living inside a beautiful box of yummy macaroons! Here are some spring “pastelish” options for your… 

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