31 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips – Day 22

Organizing Yourself & Shipping Holiday Gifts

Shipping holiday gifts can be a huge hassle and take out all the fun of your day.

Need to send long-distance gifts? Don’t let the lines at the Postal Office ruin your plans. Get your gifts ready and simply ship them all early in the season this year. You’ll feel like a hero!

shipping christmas gifts

The post office is infamous for its long holiday lines. It’s not uncommon to see dozens of people, carrying multiple large packages, all tapping their feet in irritation and becoming increasingly impatient. No one has any business being that stressed out so close to the holidays!

Skip the stress this year by sending your gifts early. Aim to have gifts wrapped and ready to ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx by the second week in December. If you won’t be ready by then, log on to usps.com and look for the Click-N-Ship option. You’ll be able to print your own mailing labels and postage from home and request free package pickup — which means you won’t have to spend a single minute in line at the post office.

Finally, mark your calendar with important shipping deadlines. According to the USPS, you’ll need to send your gifts prior to these dates in order to ensure they’ll arrive before the holidays.

  • December 10: Priority Mail Military
  • December 11: Express Mail International
  • December 14: Parcel Post
  • December 20: First-Class Mail
  • December 21: Priority Mail
  • December 22: Express Mail

I hope these tips help you get organized for the holidays and ship your holiday gifts before the rush!

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