Set Up a Gift Wrapping Station

Set up a gift wrapping station and start wrapping your gifts. This can be a lot of fun! Keep it in a secret spot and do it before the kids are off from school for the seasonal break.

gift wrapping station

Clear a space in your home and create a temporary holiday gift wrapping station. If your kids are still young, be sure to find a secret spot. You’ll want to wrap their gifts while they’re in school — before the seasonal holiday break. Gather all your supplies and keep them close at hand to make wrapping gifts quick and easy.

To preserve the quality of your wrapping paper, store it in such a way that it won’t be damaged and the edges will remain in good condition. While horizontally hung wooden dowels are the best long-term storage for wrapping paper, storing the rolls upright in a tall basket is a good temporary solution. Use small baskets, boxes or bins to separate and store ribbon, gift tags, bows, gift bags, tissue paper and other items.

Your holiday gift wrapping station should be near a large horizontal space, such as your dining room table, kitchen countertop or craft table (even an ironing board works in a pinch). If possible, store gifts unwrapped until you have enough to wrap a batch of gifts at one time. This will make the process more efficient and save time.


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