5 steps to paper organization & your taxes

paper organizing for taxes

Paper Organizing for a Pain-Free Tax Season If your paperwork isn’t organized, tax season can be extremely stressful. You should have already received your official tax documents in the mail in January, but there’s still a lot to do. April 15 is approaching fast and … [Read more...]

7 tips to organize your email inbox


Email Inbox Organization Everyone struggles to control the constant inflow of emails to their inboxes. Everything from important messages to junk mail lands in your inbox. If it’s not managed or organized, email can quickly become a source of digital … [Read more...]

Control the chaos: 5 steps to organizing your garage

garage organizing

Garage Organizing Tips The garage is often the last place to be organized in a home. Much like many families have an “everything drawer” in the kitchen or home office, many garages end up serving as the “everything room” of the home. Garages hold a seemingly endless … [Read more...]

The desire map workshop

desire map

Designing Your Life Based on How You Want to Feel In 2013 I read the book The Desire Map and have since then been using it to create a life based on how I want to feel rather on the things that I want to accomplish. It's a truly powerful experience and it has … [Read more...]

Letting go of mental clutter

letting go of mental clutter

Letting Go of Mental Clutter Mental clutter is often most acute right as you’re ready to go to bed. You lay down after a long day, and — all of a sudden — your mind starts spinning. I’ve got so much to do tomorrow. I’m not sure how to handle a situation at work. Oh … [Read more...]

Finish strong!

time management

Organizing Your Daily Routine...Daily I found that just using my calendar on a daily basis wasn't enough to make the most of my days. For the best use of my time, and to even save on gas,  I added one simple, but very effective, step to my routine and I feel way … [Read more...]