Days of Holiday Organizing Tips – Day 30

Looking Good for Your Holiday Party

I go to a hair stylist who specializes in curly hair. He’s the best in the San Diego area and only one I’d entrust my curls to. That means that if I want an appointment with him I better have it scheduled months in advance.

holiday party

{Make yourself pretty for your holiday party}


Even if your hair stylist isn’t that busy, make sure you schedule your hair cut and color, mani/pedi or any other self care appointment way in advance. After all the hard work to make this holiday season beautiful for everyone you’ll want to be looking, well, gorgeous!

Don’t forget to take care of yourself! With all your holiday planning, scheduling, baking and decorating, it’s time to take a break for a little “me time.” Put your feet up, watch your favorite TV show or schedule a quick trip to your local spa for a little pampering.

While you’re at it, schedule appointments now with your hair stylist, nail technician or massage therapist. The holidays are busy times for most businesses and you’ll want to ensure you can get an appointment.

As the holidays approach, schedule time to get away and find a little peace and quiet every week. If you find yourself pulled in too many directions or feeling overwhelmed, ask for help. Your family would much rather spend a few minutes helping you clean up than face a mommy meltdown.

And remember, spending time with the people you love is always more important than having a perfectly tidy living room or a spotless kitchen.

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Looking forward to an organized Holiday Season?

Invest in the Home Management Binder Set and plan all you’ll need to have a joyful and well planned season.

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My clients’ biggest problem is the sheer amount of paper and information that lands in their home and offices daily.

The problem is, without a system in place, finding the information you need becomes a constant battle and a whole lot of waisted time.

This is why I created the forms for the home management binder: to organize all the information you need to manage your family.

I know these forms will give you a tremendous sense of relief and control and that by getting all your information together will take this “monkey” off your back! Now you don’t have to guess where things are anymore.

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“I just moved my mother from Florida to Ohio and am establishing a binder for her and these pages are perfect. She is going to enjoy your forms and they will help her to keep all her important information organized and in a beautiful way!” Kathy P., FL

What you’ll receive:

1. Over 30 beautiful, well planned forms for all your contacts, family & home management needs.

What’s Included?

  • Calendar of the year with monthly and weekly view planners
  • Contacts Forms
  • Special Dates
  • Menu & Grocery Planner
  • Kitchen Inventory
  • Shopping List
  • Daily Home Keeping Checklist
  • Weekly Home Keeping Checklist
  • Monthly Home Keeping Checklist
  • School, Sports & Extra-curriculum Activities
  • Nannies, Sitters & Caregivers
  • Travel
  • Medical & Dental

2. Colorful, happy covers for each section of your binder that will brighten up your day!

home organizing printables

Peace of Mind for Your Daily Life!

I know that by getting all the information together in these forms will take a huge “monkey” off your back because you won’t have to guess where things are anymore.You know exactly where to find them when you need the information to take care of your family, be it ordering pizza or scheduling a medical appointment, all you need is organized.

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A wonderful gift for a new home owner, newly wed or a new mom.

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31 Days of Holiday Organizing Tips – Day 29

Organize the Entryway – First impressions

Clean and decorate the front of your house, your front porch and immediate area by the entrance. A simple clean up and a fresh new doormat can make all the difference.


Even if you don’t organize anywhere else in your home, organize the entryway! Make sure the front of your house, your front porch and immediate area around the entrance is sparkly clean and decorated.

Check if you need to power wash anything, if you have to change a light fixture (ours was 25 years old last time I checked!) and even just changing the doormat will bring some fresh color to the front door.

Curb appeal isn’t just for individuals looking to sell their home. First impressions make a big difference for holiday parties as well. Ensure your guests get a beautiful curbside view of your house by decorating your home’s exterior.

  • Clean the entrance. Wipe down your exterior door and clean the windows. Sweep your front porch to remove any debris like fallen leaves.
  • Choose a holiday doormat. Greet your guests with your favorite seasonal doormat.
  • Add holiday décor. For Thanksgiving, opt for a rustic, harvest theme with lots of fall colors. Later in the year, some simple pieces of garland and a few strands of holiday lights will brighten your home and make your entryway feel welcoming.
  • Decide on parking. If you aren’t able to fit all of your guests’ cars into your driveway, instruct guests on where they should park.
  • Make room for coats. If your entryway closet doesn’t have enough room, designate another space in your home for guests’ belongings.

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